Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Benefits of Working with “Green” Atlanta General Contractors

When most people make the decision to build a home and to hire Atlanta general contractors to do the job, they think only about what they want out of their home. If you’re planning on having your dream home built, it’s perfectly acceptable to plan down to the last detail. In all your planning, however, don’t forget to think about the planet. The average home can come with a big price to the environment. Just think of the trees and other natural resources that go into building the average home, not to mention potential poor choices, like harmful lead paint or a home that doesn’t get enough sunlight.

When you think green and hire Atlanta general contractors who do the same, you won’t only be helping the environment, you’ll be helping yourself. Many new homebuyers can receive tax credits for their “green “choices. Plus, environmentally friendly homes tend to be safer and more energy efficient, which allows you to save money on heating and cooling costs long-term.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

After the Atlanta Custom Home Builders are Done: Moving Into Your New Home

Working with Atlanta custom home builders, such as those at Eco Custom Homes, can be an exciting process, but it’s a process that, like all things, will eventually come to an end. When it does, you need to be prepared to move into your new home and to begin your life there. Of course, that can be difficult if everything is still in your old house! For this reason, it’s best to start packing long before your move-in date. You can pack rarely used objects as much as a month in advance.

You should also decide whether you’re going to use a moving company to take your belongings to your new home once the Atlanta custom home builders you have hired are done. If so, you’ll want to check the rates of several different moving companies and to select the best quality service at the lowest possible price.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shop While Waiting for New Homes Atlanta to Be Built

If you’ve recently begun the home building process with an Atlanta custom homes builder or if you’re planning to do so soon, you should know that you’re in for a long wait. Hopefully, your new homes Atlanta building company is professional enough to have given you an estimate of how long the building process will take. If not, find out as soon as possible, because there’s a lot you need to plan for and get done in the meantime!

One thing you can do while waiting on Atlanta custom homes to be built is to start buying furniture and other important things for your home. That way, when the time comes to move in, you’ll have everything you need. Furthermore, since you’ll have plenty of time to shop, you won’t be forced into any rush decisions and you can shop around to find the absolute best deals possible. So, start creating that decorating scheme and shop ‘til you drop!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lets Build Atlanta

Here at Eco Custom Homes we are proud to say we are building Atlanta using green materials and products. We are all about sustainability.  Won't you join us?