Monday, April 29, 2013

Future Proofing Luxury Homes in Atlanta

Technology is constantly changing, which is why many companies offer “future proofing” services for luxury homes in Atlanta. These services are designed to prepare your home for inevitable change. While no one can know for sure what the technology of the future will look like or how it will function, these homes are designed in such a way that adapting to technological changes is easy. If outlets change in the future, for example, a properly future-proofed home would feature panels or other entryways to make re-wiring easier and capable of being completed without drilling through walls.

 Every company takes a different approach to future proofing, and you are encouraged to speak with multiple sustainability Atlanta consulting firms to discover your options. Luxury homes in Atlanta should be amenable to the future, both in terms of technological changes that may come about and in terms of sustaining planet Earth through lowered energy consumption, green building processes, and more.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Do Atlanta New Green Homes Really Need?

When it comes to Atlanta new green homes, there are a lot of features that you can choose from. Knowing which ones you actually need and which ones are just a waste of money, however, can be a little difficult. The good news is that, if you’re working with reputable Atlanta custom home builders, like those at Eco Custom Homes, you can get an honest answer about what your new home really needs and what it can do without.

What’s one must-have? Insulation! In Atlanta, new green homes that don’t have proper insulation are likely going to stay too hot or too cold, causing you to waste money on heating and cooling costs. Insulation, however, helps your home to regulate temperature, keeps cold air out in the winter, and keeps your home cool in the summer, making it a money-saver and an absolute must.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Entertaining Guests in Modern Homes Atlanta

If you’re someone who likes to entertain, then you’ll be happy to know that there are lots of great features, designed with entertaining in mind, that you can add to modern homes Atlanta. Why not, for example, opt for a large, elegant dining room in your home? More and more new homes Atlanta are featuring upscale dining rooms, perfect for making your guests feel honored and pampered during their stay.

For those who want to go all out and do some serious entertaining, there are some rare but still possible home additions to consider. Pulling out all of the stops with modern homes, Atlanta residents have been known to add in-home movie theatres, game or “arcade” rooms, wine cellars, libraries, and more to their homes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to give your guests (and yourself) everything they could ever want, but just remember to stay within your budget and to honestly think about how much use you will get out of home additions you choose and whether or not the cost is worth it to you.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Features You Will Find in Million Dollar Homes

Believe it or not, there are some million dollar homes in Atlanta. Most of these are Atlanta custom homes, built by qualified builders like those at Eco Custom Homes. While every million dollar home is different, there are some features that you’re more likely to find in a home of this type. These homes, for example, are often “smart homes,” which means certain functions, like locking doors or turning on the air, are computerized. Owners of smart homes can speak and have the functions performed or press a button on a remote control.
Believe it or not, many million dollar homes in Atlanta are also quite green in terms of their design. These homes often feature the very best in energy saving appliances, are heavily insulated, and include skylights or other structures designed to let in sunlight. It’s extremely important for these large and in-charge homes to be energy efficient, because if not, they can cost a fortune to keep up.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Build Your Green-Dream Home with Sustainability Atlanta Consulting

Everyone would like to have their dream home become a reality, and the really good people want to create their dream home while still demonstrating care and concern for Planet Earth. The good news for you, if you’re one of those people, is that building a green and beautiful home is easier than ever before. So many people are concerned about the environment these days (and rightfully so) that there are now many builders who specialize in not only making more environmentally friendly homes but in making the building process more environmentally friendly as well.

If you’d like to learn more about the building processes offered by different green builders, ask for a sustainability Atlanta consulting meeting. During this meeting, you can not only learn about what the company does to create green homes and green building experiences, but you can also get an estimate for the home of your dreams, all free of charge!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Regarding Atlanta Commercial Construction

Atlanta Commercial Construction Companies are a dime a dozen so it pays to do your research.  You can begin by doing drive-bys of new or existing properties, and ask for a reference and recommendation. Generally speaking, people are brutally honest about their largest investment.  Secondly, check online. Technology has proved to be amazing at collecting and making readily available what peoples opinion of a company is.  Particularly with Review Boards such as Google, Yelp and others, you are able to find out quite a bit about any Atlanta Commercial Constuction company.  Third, if in the negotiating stage with one or several companies, ask for references.  Ask for several names and contact information and call them all.  Ask the same questions of all and determine if there is a common theme with regards to quality, craftsmanship, timeliness and communication.  All these topics are vital when dealing with commercial construction.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Atlanta Green Home Renovations to Consider

It used to be that anyone who cared about the environment was deemed a “hippie” or a “tree-hugger.” Nowadays, however, as our environment is gradually becoming less and less sustainable, everyone is stepping up and doing their part to help the planet. One way that you can reduce your carbon footprint and protect Planet Earth for generations to come is through choosing Atlanta green home renovations. The possibilities are truly endless; there are so many different things you can do to make your home “greener.” Most renovations not only benefit the environment but can prove helpful to you as well.

Consider, for example, one of the most popular Atlanta green home renovations: the addition of energy efficient windows to a house. This renovation, commonly performed by Eco Custom Homes, involves adding or altering windows so that they bring in more sunlight and natural energy and also so that they let out less hot or cold ar. This can improve your heating and cooling costs and make your home more comfortable year-round, in addition to being good for the planet.

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