Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Features You Will Find in Million Dollar Homes

Believe it or not, there are some million dollar homes in Atlanta. Most of these are Atlanta custom homes, built by qualified builders like those at Eco Custom Homes. While every million dollar home is different, there are some features that you’re more likely to find in a home of this type. These homes, for example, are often “smart homes,” which means certain functions, like locking doors or turning on the air, are computerized. Owners of smart homes can speak and have the functions performed or press a button on a remote control.
Believe it or not, many million dollar homes in Atlanta are also quite green in terms of their design. These homes often feature the very best in energy saving appliances, are heavily insulated, and include skylights or other structures designed to let in sunlight. It’s extremely important for these large and in-charge homes to be energy efficient, because if not, they can cost a fortune to keep up.

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